On-Line Locker Administration Testimonials

Before we had the on-line locker selection system, I would spend a couple of weeks before the start of school every year assigning lockers to our nearly 2000 students by hand. When students arrived, they were required to line up.sometimes for hours.to secure their lockers and obtain lock combinations. Inevitably, once lockers were assigned, students would negotiate with others for an exchange of lockers because something was not to their liking. The on-line locker selection system changed all of this. It significantly reduced the time commitment for me.and the headaches. Students are much happier, as well: they get to pick the location of their locker and the person with whom they will share space. There are no complaints of long line-ups or an unfair process.

The system itself is extremely user-friendly, and so is quickly learned. The whole process of seeing to it that every student has a locker to use has been made more efficient and definitely less aggravating, for students, staff, and parents, alike.

As the person responsible for lockers over the last 6 years, I am so appreciative of the changes the on-line locker selection system has brought: it has simplified the start-up of school and allowed me time to focus on other tasks. I can't imagine returning to "the old way of doing things!"

Laurie Richardson,
Vice Principal
Sullivan Heights Secondary School, Surrey, British Columbia

"This made our job infinitely easier. Students could look up their own forgotten combos, choose where they wanted their locker--or we could choose for them or limit their choice. I particularly liked how we could block off banks of lockers for certain groups, or reserve certain lockers for certain grades."

Laurie Jean,
Vice Principal
Guildford Park Secondary School, Surrey, British Columbia

We deployed this system in an attempt to simplify our locker selection process and it worked exactly as we had hoped. In a high school of over 1800 students, the system afforded us the time to accommodate all locker requests with no lineups or meetings.

Setup was easy for us and families needed little support during the busy year-start period. The system allowed families to browse for choices, select their locker, and get their combination without the time-intense lineups we have had in the past.

On a daily basis, the online management system is simple and easy. The system reduced the demands on clerical/admin time.

Robert Whitham,
Vice Principal
École Secondaire Earl Marriott Secondary School, Surrey, British Columbia